Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lookalike: Steve Madden Troopa Boots

Hi my lovelies! Happy New Year and may this year be great for all of you. Okay now let's talk Steve Madden. Troopa boots are pretty infamous right now, known for their design and also for the price tag that goes along with them. Haven't seen them yet? Now you will have. Okay so they're pretty great, and I'm sure a lot of people have already given in and paid the $100 for them, but as a student that kind of money could pay for way more stuff than one pair of super cute boots. So how about some lookalikes for less?

1.FOREVER 21 ($34.80)
Okay, so these are the Forever 21 ones and pretty similar right? Maybe a few differences, but hey it would look weird if everyone was wearing the exact same pair of Troopas. These are only $34.80 so go for it!

2. PACSUN ($39.99)
Pacsun, you have pulled through again! So at first glance, I thought they were almost Troopas! And Pacsun quality is always nice, so these would be a good pair of lookalikes for only $39.99!

New Crochet Detail Bite Boots
3. PACSUN ($34.99)
So these aren't necessarily Troopas but they are cute if you like a spin on the classic combat boot. It's got a little heel and crochet detail but the same main guidelines as combat boots with the laces. Just another option for all the daring.
Image 1 of New Look Clark Lace Up Worker Boots
4. ASOS ($52.75)
These are the New Look Clark Lace Up Worker Boots, and the lookalike that I found on ASOS which I love by the way. But these are nice, and really good quality. ASOS is spot on. Just saying. But these are a little pricey compared to the others but I'm sure you'll get your money's worth out of these.

Product Image
5. SWEET BEAUTY ($47.99)
Beforehand, these are online so you might have to pay additional money for tax and shipping and all that, just to let you guys know. And again, these are for the ones okay with not-exactly Troopa style boots, because these have a little something something extra: the folded over pattern which is so cozy looking and very plaid. But these are just a variation that you could try out if you like it.

And okay, those are some lookalikes I found to fit different styles of people, but still go along with the Steve Madden Troopa craze. Tell me what you guys think and have a wonderful 2013!

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