Sunday, January 27, 2013

Closet Essential: The LBD

Hi my lovelies! Sorry I've been AWOL for a couple of days, but let's talk about the most ESSENTIAL closet piece, in my opinion: The Little Black Dress. So it's classic, it can be styled and worn several ways for so many occasions: parties, date night, etc. So here are a few I like: 

1. ASOS Skater Dress With Slash Neck And Short Sleeves ($35.08) 
So this is a totally classic black dress, and it cinches at the waist, showing off the skinny-mini waist and then it flares out but not to a crazy amount. The neckline makes it perfect for statement necklaces, and any type of shoes would go with this dress. This is my basic definition of the LBD, and it's a staple piece. 
Image 4 of ASOS Skater Dress With Slash Neck And Short Sleeves

2. Vince Camuto Peplum Sheath Dress (Petite) (Sold at Nordstrom Rack, $59.97) 
This dress is so adorable, and it is peplum, and it's a total steal especially from Nordstrom Rack. Unforunately it's sold out right now, but I think it'll be back in stock soon especially for Valentine's Day which will look super hot. And I'm really sorry but I couldn't get a good picture of it for you guys, but if you search it up, it's great! 

3. Belted Satin Shirtdress ($27.80)
Shirtdresses are already super adorable, and the belt helps a lot. It's also high-low and super chic! And it's from Forever 21 which I kinda love a lot. 

4. Silence & Noise Laser Beam Dress ($59.00)
This is from URBAN OUTFITTERS! Yikes, it is so cute! And it has a pattern and it goes onto the back, and it's just so great! Okay so maybe I can't get a picture on this too, but just look it up it's definitely the best! 

Okay my lovelies, those are some LBDs to go check out and tell me what you think. Kisses, muah! XOXO

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