Sunday, November 17, 2013


hello my wallflowers, hope you're all well! also my prayers go out to those affected by Haiyan. The world will support you in this time of need.

so I just had a deep thought, probably because I'm supposed to be asleep and every worldly thought occurs then. Everyone starts as strangers- boy/girlfriends, friends, teachers, coworkers. We meet and then the relationship changes as time goes on. Teachers remain more stranger-ly than friends and friends more so than boy/girlfriends. It just struck me as odd as I was thinking about how I became friends with my current "group". We all bonded over something- food, waiting afterschool, clothes, classes. That just fascinates me. And over time, we accept each other's differences although if we didn't know each other, we wouldn't be pleased with the other person. This was mainly based off the Wongfu video "Strangers Again" which tells about a couple who falls apart. But it applies to everyone. Every cycle is different; strangers-friends, strangers-friends-strangers, strangers-friends-boy/girlfriends-strangers, the possibilities are infinite. But those that end with strangers are most devastating, for one has to expend time and heart to get to know another only for it to fall apart. 
Just some food for thought, bye! 

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