Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hi babes, I hope you're all excited that finals (or not, if you're on trimesters like moi) are OVER! I'm pretty sure happiness was actually radiating off of me today when school ended. Anyways, yesterday I got a pretty yellow package on my doorstep so let's haul it out! 

1. Flower Power studs ($4.80) 
Okay there's a reason why my blog is about "flower children", and it's not just because I'm a wannabe hipster. P.S. Sorry for naked nails, my bare nails haven't seen the sun for weeks. 

2. Fit and Flare dress ($12.80, black)  
so I actually lost weight this year and this dress makes me look actually pretty good which blew my mind. I recommend every girl has one (nice fitting dress) in their closet.

3. Everyday V neck Cardigan ($8.80, black) 
comfy cardigan lyfe

4. Everyday Skinny Jeans ($7.80)
I wore these today and they're like high-waisted, super comfy leggings. They honestly don't feel like jeans. 

5. Chilly Days Infinity Scarf ($7, navy) 
warm warm warm

6. Everyday Baseball Shirt ($6.80, black sleeves with white) 
I just needed a baseball shirt 
Also in case you wanted to know, I wear a size SMALL and I'm 26/27 in pants. I'm  5'7" in case you're wondering about my proportions. So yeah.
And someone super sweet (like cotton candy) brought me a goodie from Ulta as a gift. Gracias girl! 

It's a set of 6 mini Benefit lip glosses which smell like peach smoothies. The colors are A-Lister (peachy pink), Fauxmance (mauve, literally my favorite lip color besides red), Icebreaker (clear), Kiss You (dark lilac), Lollibop (bubblegum pink), and Poutrageous (coral). 

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