Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hello my pumpkins! Wow, that sounds weirder than I thought it would. Today we're going to DIY the Brandy Melville Moon Phase tank that is around $20.
SWERVE, who has $20 for a tank that could be made for under $8? 

You'll need:
1. Black t-shirt/tank
2. White acrylic paint
3. Metallic gray paint (optional)
4. Q-tips
5. Rubbing alcohol
6. Old magazines
7. Paintbrush, sponge
8. A cup of water
9. A piece of cardboard/thick paper

Okay here we go! 
This first step is only for those with a black T-SHIRT. Cut off the sleeves to make it a tank. Next you're going to find a cup or something with a 6 CM DIAMETER and trace it onto the cardboard. Then you're going to cut it out and that's our stencil for the moons. Then this is super important: PLACE THE OLD MAGAZINES INSIDE THE TANK. Now pour out some paint and make sure you have a picture of the shirt somewhere handy to refer to. Just eyeball it to the best of your ability, it doesn't have to look 100% professional. You can use the sponge to fill the moon in and the paintbrush to smooth out the edges (that's what I tried). The gray is for making the craters on the moons, but after a while I just gave up on that. Now if you made mistakes, don't worry, all is not lost. Grab some rubbing alcohol and Q-tips, pour, and dab/scrape until the paint comes off. I also read that the Clorox wipes will work in a pinch as well, but I didn't try that out.
The painting is the fun/super long part but afterwards, try it out (or have a dance party in it) and then iron it before you throw it in the wash. After that you're done! And you just saved yourself $12 too; enough to get a lot of Jamba Juice.
Okay, until next time! See you later! 

thoughts to myself: "arghhhh what have I gotten myself into? also now my leggings are covered in lint."

"ahhhhhh i messed up the third one so much, i don't know what to do now. okay, let's google how to remove acrylic paint." 

"i got paint everywhere on this. this looks so bad that i wouldn't even let my cat wear this. ah why did i decide i would blog this? now they're gonna laugh at me and my terrible painting skills."

"BAM, rubbing alcohol is my savior. time to have my dance party and post this! holllllllla." 

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