Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello my lovelies, happy December! Hopefully you all have great weather and a good holiday season! 

Today I wanted to talk about public education, mainly because I have direct contact with the system every day. The goal of public education is stated in its name: educate the public. If we, as students, are there to learn at school, nothing should trump that ability. However, at my school the dress code presides over everything. Today I wore leggings with a big sweater (not exactly fingertip length since my arms are a little long but it covered what needed to be covered) and a teacher came up to me BEFORE school started, a full 40 minutes before school began and told me off for my outfit. However it was my first time ever getting in "trouble" so nothing happened, but repeat offenders have to stay OUT OF CLASS so their parents can bring their children appropriate clothes. Honestly, that contradicts the whole goal of school in the first place for something totally picayune. I felt I was dressed appropriately and to even imagine sitting out of my (all AP) classes for something so plain out dumb enrages me. I understand that we shouldn't be dressed like sluts for school, but if students aren't dressed that way, they should be allowed to continue on. School was put in place to educate, not waste time staring at a wall waiting for your parents. I really don't appreciate the teacher calling me out, and none of my other actual teachers said anything today. I'm just disappointed that this is the priority of my school, instead of busting the hundreds of druggies or congratulating those who have done well in academics. 

What are your feelings on public education? Mine are clearly a little displeased. Have a great week! 

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