Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hello my wonderfuls! HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2014 be wonderful for you, no matter where you are. So since I live that loner life, I decided to make a blog about diy projects for keds or vans bc I need something to do. 

1. GLITTER but classy 
So I know that all girls generally like glitter but you don't wanna look tacky with it all over the place so this is for glitter lovers (I'm going to do this one, I'll post pictures if I remember). These would look perfect on dressy, but not too dressy days. This price is also much better than the Keds + Kate Spade shoes for $80+ (shipping!)
You'll need:
1. Keds/Vans/knockoffs 
2. Mod Podge (or some glue with half that volume of water mixed together) 
3. Glitter (thin or chunky)
4. Some ribbon of your choice, same length as the shoelaces
5. Rubber cement/Vaseline/masking tape
So for all of these, you'll need the shoes and the rubber cement/Vaseline/masking tape. 
1. Put rubber cement/Vaseline/masking tape to protect the rubber part.
2. Mix equal parts glitter and Mod Podge 
3. Take out the shoelaces 
4. Paint the glitter-Mod Podge mix on until you're satisfied
5. Wait until dry and coat with Mod Podge 
6. Lace ribbon in as shoe laces 
7. Vo├Čla! Have fun, stay classy.  

2. Chevron
These look pretty cool, and that's coming from a person who doesn't like chevron. They will take some time though. They would look so good at music festivals (while protecting your feet from getting stepped on!) 
You'll need: 
1. Shoes and protecting things
2. Paint/fabric markers
3. Scissors
4. Cardstock paper/ cardboard
5. Patience and time
So here we go! 
1. Protect the rubber part and take out the shoelaces. 
2. Cut out a chevron pattern (like zigzag) on the paper
3. Line it up on your shoes to your desired length and start painting/coloring! 
4. Repeat until shoe is covered in chevron
5. DONE! 

3. Polka dots!
Not gonna lie, I'm a big sucker for polka dots, but the Kate Spade + Keds were a little pricey. So let's DIY them! You'll need:
1. Shoes and protective stuff
2. Paint of your choice 
3. Pencils with erasers
4. Mod Podge

Okay let's get started!
1. Protect shoes, take out shoelaces, etc.
2. Pour out some paint.
3. Dip the eraser in the paint and then EVENLY press it on the shoes 
4. Repeat all over the shoes until you're happy! 
5. SUCCESS ball is life you're amazing

 4. Studs
For all you badasses out there, I got you guys.

You need:
1. Shoes, yadda yadda
2. Studs 
3. No protective stuff this time! 

So let's go!
1. Insert a stud in the desired place and then using your finger or butter knife, push the sides in (on the inside of the shoe) and repeat.
2. If you got the glue on kind, no worries! Just grab super glue or fabric glue and stick away! 

Okkkay those are just some ideas but have fun! Leave a picture! 
Basic white sneakers: http://m.target.com/p/womens-mossimo-supply-co-lunea-oxford/-/A-14271223#next-image
DIY Mod Podge (In case my instructions were fuzzy): http://m.wikihow.com/Make-Mod-Podge

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