Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hi my smooooches. How are y'all? More importantly, how are your brackets? Mine's in the trash, and I was so mad when Harvard won. Seriously, what? There went my bracket, but I would love to go to college there! Haha, I like to think I'm funny. So more important things: I've made a Polyvore so you guys can see what I create and I deleted some of them on accident so let me see what I can do. Right now I think Studs is the only one up, because I deleted the Pandamonium on accident. Oops.
And now Dogeared. So today, if I had infinite stacks of money, I'll show you what I would get from Dogeared.
1. 3 Wishes Long Bars Necklace ($82.00)
I really love barely-there, dainty necklaces that just are wearable for everyday. This one is definitely one of those, with three bars: gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. I really like the meaning behind this necklace and I just love it.
2. Small Sideways Cross Necklace ($62.00)
This is part of their Faith collection and I really like this. I may not seem super religious to you guys, but church is pretty important to me. I really like this compared to the large one because I feel it looks awkward then. This comes in sterling silver and gold dipped and I feel like I like the gold a bit more, but still impartial to both!
3. Dream of Love Necklace ($50.00)
This is a gorgeous necklace with a little gold heart on a silver chain. Is it too late to ask for a cute love story now?
4. Life's a Beach Pearl Necklace ($48.00)
So pearls are my birthstone and this just makes me that more attracted to it. I reallly like all of their Pearls of collection but this takes the cake.
5. Sparkle Wishbone Necklace Gold Dipped ($58.00)
Okay so does it make any sense that the gold costs less than the silver? Anyway I love wishbones and this is so pretty!

Okay so that's my top five for Dogeared and I'll probably do this for Tiffany because I love Tiffany. It's an essential to girly life. But yes, I love dogeared and sorry it was all necklaces, I have a slight obsession. Okay stay beautiful XOXO

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