Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mini Fashion Haul

Hi my lovelies! I have a little fashion haul for you guys today! I went shopping yesterday with the hope to find black jeans, but yet all I really found were black jeggings. Jeggings are okay but not ideal especially since they're not allowed at school and it was super obvious with the soccer legs. So I didn't actually get black jeans but I got some other things!

So first I got red TOMS, just because you know. They're nice and I thought I should get a classic color, but not exactly black or navy. So those are nice.

And I also got a chambray shirt. It's light blue with small white polka dots and it has two pockets that have buttons.

And the last thing I got was this dress that is gorgeous for spring/summer. It's this teal dress and the top is chiffon-like and smooth, and then there is a string that is supposed to function as a belt, and the bottom is pleated. It's really cute. So it looks like this dress but the top is more chiffon-y and smooth. The teal isn't really shown in this picture but it looks similar to this.

Okay so that's my mini fashion haul, and hopefully I'll have some more posts up soon! Love you guys, XOXO

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