Thursday, March 21, 2013

iPhone Case Guide

Hollla my ottters, how have you been? I've been super cray busy so sorry about the lack of posts. So today we're talking about: IPHONE CASES! Lots of people have iPhones and I'm pretty sure you can make a pretty penny off of cases nowadays. I'll walk you through some that have a number of uses.

1. Lifeproof ($79.99)
So these cases are hard-core, meant to last through everything. Water, sand, accidental drops, you name it. They are a little pricey but hey, it lives up to it's name. It's also fairly thin which is something that most people like. My best friend has one and he says it's great. It comes with like a two-part case with a plug for the earphones. The only problem I see is taking the case off, which is a hassle I've heard.
2. Otterbox ($35-$55)
Okay so these are so outrageously well-known probably since they're built for klutzes and they work magically. It is not built for water or sand like the Lifeproof though and depending on the case you get, the case can be a bit bulky. I have the Defender actually (number one klutz right here) and it is worth the bulk. This case has saved my phone from smashing so many times and their customer service is so nice. I called for a replacement case on the warranty and they shipped it within a few days. I'll show you guys which one I have; it's plum and hot pink. Oh and these are three part cases.

3. Speck ($35-$50)
These are nice colored cases but they don't offer as much protection as the first two cases. They still work well for the more coordinated people in the house and are made with excellent quality. I believe these are two part cases but I could be mistaken.

4. Kate Spade ($40 + shipping)
I adore Kate Spade and honestly I would love to get one of these cases but I would have to pay for shipping first off and secondly it's only covering the back and that makes me antsy. But these have the cutest designs, I especially like the yellow hello, sunshine one!

5. Balloon Girl ($15 +)
So you all probably know that my good old picture on the blog is of Banksy's balloon girl, infamous and is now plastered on cases and posters. I really do the design and this case is a gorgeous turquoise. Same thing with the less protection, but eh.

YOLO at your own risk. Enough said.

That's it my loves, see you next time! Muah, XOXO oh and James and Dave Franco. Just because.

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