Sunday, March 17, 2013

Closet Essentials: Ballet Flats

Hi my beauties! Sorry I've been AWOL, piano auditions are coming up. Yikes! Oh and I changed the format of my blog, tell me what you think! I thought it was time for a change and I like being able to see all the pictures.
Okay but onto our subject: FLATS. I love flats and they can complement every outfit. Just one black pair and you're basically set. They dress up every outfit and look super cute. Sometimes they can cut you off, but only if they're paired awkwardly.

So let's look at some flats!
1. Tory Burch Caroline Ballet Flat ($225.00 at Tory Burch online)
So this are the most classic, well-known pair of ballet flats that I've ever seen. I would love to get a pair, but I don't have an extra two hundred bucks lying around. But this are pretty iconic, nearly everyone knows the little T's and it goes well with every outfit.

2. Type Z Ogen Ballet Flats ($59.00 at
I really like two-tone shoes and these are beautiful! And clear/see-through is always a big hit for spring. For some reason, I imagine wearing these shoes during a spring shower and splashing in puddles with these. One note: these shoes will look weird with the ballet flat socks, but hey if you're cool with that, go for it! It comes in blue, hot pink, red, and lemon-y yellow. Like macaroon yellow or cupcake frosting yellow. Yum.

3. Juicy Couture Roxanna Ballet Flats ($75.00 at
These are soooooooooooo pretty. They're like opal jelly and it's that pretty luminescence and it has a cluster of rhinestones on the toe. Overall super gorgeous!

4. Rebecca Minkoff Irma Ballet Flats ($225.00 at
Okay first of all I LOVE REBECCA MINKOFF. One day, if I have lots of money to squander, Mrs. Minkoff you will be even richer that day. I love her bags and these shoes too! They're mint (a little bit more blue!) and gold. Two-tone, mint, ballet flat love! I could gush about these all day long as you can probably tell now. It's also sold in a black and white laser-design with a black toe and a orange "persimmon" one where the toe matches the shoe, but it's still made out of different fabrics. Weird.

5. Anne Klein Bosu Pewter Ballet Flats ($53.99 instead of $60.00 and at
Okay so I tried to look for one that wasn't two-tone and it just ended up with me staring at pages of ballet flats until I saw these. They're pewter (which is a strange color that I weirdly like) and metallic and quilted. Just look at them.

Okay that's all for now, hope you all enjoyed this! I'll talk to you guys soon, muah XOXO

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