Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Okay hi my lovelies! Hope 2014 is going well so far! So I saw these tutorials on pocket tees and decided to add my own to the mix because why not. 
You'll need: 
1. Fabric 
2. A shirt to put the pocket onto
3. Scissors
4. Ruler 
5. Chalk/marker
6. Needle and thread/fabric glue/sewing machine 

So let's get started! 
1. Lay the fabric for the pocket and then decide how big you want your pocket to be. I went with a 5 inch by 5 inch pentagon bc I mess up a lot so I would have more room.
2. I measured a five inch by five inch square and then I measured the midpoint of one side (and marked it). Then on the two sides next to the midpoint side, I measured 1 inch up and connected that point to the midpoint. You just need to make a pentagon. 
3. Next fold down some fabric on each side (bc no one likes frayed edges) I think this is also called seam allowance but I'm not a sewing person. 
4. GLUE- if you have fabric glue, this is your next step. Glue the fabric on the longest side down first (NOT ON THE SHIRT) and then glue the other sides and then glue to the shirt! You're done! 
4. NEEDLE AND THREAD- bc some of us don't know how to use sewing machines but don't have glue? So you'll want to stitch across the longest side first  too and then stitch the rest of the pocket to the shirt, folding it the way you like. 

As you can tell, my sewing is on the more awful side. And it doesn't really look that hideous in real life, iPhone cameras just don't do the pattern justice. 
4. SEWING MACHINERS- so you'll want to pin all the fabric down and then sew the longest side. Then turn the shirt inside out and sew the rest on that way! 

I still have to find a shirt to attach my pocket to! But then I'll post a picture. This is a way to spice up old shirts and revamp your closet without breaking the bank. You can also go to craft stores and just get squares of fabric as well (so you don't have to cut up anything!) good luck! 

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