Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hi my wonderfuls, hope you're all doing lovely! I'm so sorry I haven't posted recently, I've been super bogged down with homework and clubs and blah. So let's talk short shorts, because I know everyone has a pair or two (guys, you can admit it too!) and they're super hot for the summer! Ha ha, punny right? No? Okay I'll stop now. So short shorts are comfy and keep us cool, while looking hot! I will also have some that aren't cling-to-your-leg shorts for those who don't like that. Let's go!

1. Hollister Low Rise Short Shorts in Khaki ($25.00)
I do like my shorts to have a little bit more than just denim, and I really like khaki. Full on khaki pants can look a little iffy, but these will look nice with most outfits and the fit on these is so wonderful, you'll wonder why you didn't have these before. They would look nice with a little V-neck or a tank top or something like that. You'll look more dressy than just denim shorts if you catch my drift.

2. American Eagle Hi Rise Black Festival Shorties ($39.95)
Okay so American Eagle pants are overpriced, but hey if you've got a spare $40 these shorts are a total catch! They're black so they match with many things, and they've got a little distress and punk-y rips to complete the look. AND THEY'RE HIGH WAISTED! And if you couldn't tell they're for people who appreciate the "Coachella, music festival" summer look.

3. Forever 21 High Waisted Lace Shorts ($15.80)
First off isn't this the greatest steal ever? These shorts are soo cute with black lace and they're comfortable. I know Forever has a problem with quality but seriously for less than 20 bucks, this is awesome!

Okay so those are some shorts that are perfect for summer! Let me know what you think, talk to you soon XOXO

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