Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hi my lovely lippies! Hahah kidding, you're not my lip products, but I do love both you and them A LOT! So today I went mini shopping and I've just gotten a few things.

1. Suncreen stick
So I went to this medical talk about shoulders and there was free food which automatically enticed me and ICED TEA. I think my Southern roots are actually appearing now as I get older. I miss Georgia life. Anyway, they were handing out mini hand sanitizers and these Chapstick things, so I got a few. Turns out they're sunscreen sticks but can work as Chapstick as well. It smells lovely and tangerine-y, goes on clear. My lips will be sun protected from here on out!
2. Chapstick Velvet Cupcake
So I had seen the Cake Batter Chapstick online somewhere and I stopped and saw it today where they place all the goodies when you're checking out. I like cake batter and all but red velvet cupcakes are my weakness. I just sorta impulsively grabbed it and it smells like HEAVEN. It's nice, not a lot of color, keeps lips smooth. However it broke like ten minutes ago and now I have to push it down and I got it like three hours ago.
what Walmart trip would be complete without these babies? I love wonka candy in general but I'm a huge sucker for Gobstoppers. Like if someone asked me to prom with gobstoppers I would probably kiss that person. Just saying. They're yummy and great and thought you should see them.
4. Mango Tango deodorant.
Who knew deodorant could smell so yummy? Yeah but I really like the Secret gel deodorant because it doesn't break out like the stick and it cools your pits after sweating. I actually don't sweat a lot, and this works awesome. The smell lasts all day and you can do just a casual arm lift to check. I actually use this along with a guy deodorant for soccer because I love how guy deodorant smells. Don't judge, I'm sure other soccer girls use Old Spice or Axe too.

Okay so that was my mini-haul about stuff. I hope you're all having an awesome day! Bye XOXO

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