Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY: Front Tie Crop Top!

Hi my awesomes! What's going on? Missed you guys! Okay today I have a summertime DIY and this will work BEST with an oversized shirt but will work with a normally fitted shirt as well. It's the cute front tie crop top shirt and it's super easy. Let's hop to it!

1. A shirt (oversized preferable, but normal is fine)
2. Scissors
3. A ruler

Okay so first you'll take your shirt and fold it sideways, hot dog style as my teacher used to say. It needs to have the sleeves on each side, like a long-wise reflection if you catch my drift.
Secondly, you need to measure out a length to cut, I used 3.5 inches from the vertical seam, but mine turned out a little towards one side.
After you've cut it, you'll be left with this little bit of fabric in the middle of your shirt and you'll cut this in half to create your ties!
After you've cut them in half, put the shirt and see if you need to make any adjustments to it.
Then I cut mine further, making it high-low because the sudden height difference bothered me. Fix up any cuts, stretch the fabric where you cut and YOU'RE DONE!
See? Wasn't that easy? It makes a really cute crop top perfect for summertime with some high-waisted cutoffs. Have fun with this! Oh and the shirt I used was from Forever 21 but I got it at Crossrhodes, which is a fashion thrift shop with outrageously good prices in Evanston, IL. If you need a good thrift shop in the Chicago region, I highly recommend Crossrhodes. That's all from me, good night! XOXO

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