Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Timberlands Lookalikes

Hello my lovelies! I hope you're all having a good week. I've been a bit stressed since it's finals week for me (yay for the trimester system). However, I have had time to look for some cute new fall and winter boots. I usually have problems with gross slushy Midwest winter and sadly, the past winter, I fell numerous times due to my fashionable, yet not quite functional shoes. So here I am, proclaiming a new love for badass, tough-girl Timberland boots. However, not all of us can fork over $120, especially on a minimum wage budget. So I've found some lookalikes for all of us girls still looking to stay fashionable, but not break the bank.

1. Union Bay Macon Boot ($29.99, but usually $50)
These boots are a dead ringer for the famous Timberlands that I long for, yet don't have money for. I find these are a good substitute.

image of Macon Boot


2. Esprit Forest Lug Boots ($24.99, usually $40)

These look like the Union Bay boots almost to a tee. Oh yeah, this pair and the first one are both from TJMaxx, where I have recently rediscovered a love for their products.


3. Rock & Candy Bulldozer Booties ($44.95, not $65)

These cool booties also are very similar to the pricey Timberlands, but I like these because they come in a variety of colors as well. They come in a winey-burgundy, a dark military green, and the standard tan. These are from DSW aka my heaven.


4. Dirty Laundry Remix Bootie ($59.95, not $70)

These have a little twist compared to the typical Timberlands. I'm not sure how these shoes hold up to the actual boots in term of grip and functionality, but hey they're definitely a different option for girls who love heels and the outdoors. These have a 3 and a half inch heel but the heel looks pretty thick so it should be fairly comfy.


Okay and those are some cheaper alternatives to the widely popular Timberland boots. Happy shopping and have a great week!

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