Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Forever 21 Haul

Hi lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't been on for a while; school is kicking my butt. But I did order some things from Forever 21 so at least I could look cute while hating school. Let's get into it!
I also apologize for no pictures! I thought I had posted them with the post but somehow they got deleted. All of these pictures are from the actual Forever 21 website, because I don't have my pictures anymore.
1. Domed Stud Earrings ($2.80)
This is just two pairs of domed stud earrings. I've been looking for a pair of earrings like this forever, but I can't bring myself to buy expensive ones because I lose earrings like it's my job. There's a gold pair and then a more gold pair (the picture shows silver ones, but mine are a gold)

2. Indigo Skinny Jeans (ONLY $7.80!?!!)
I apologize for the excessive punctuation except when have you seen jeans that are decent-ish quality for under $10? I had to hop on this deal and the last pair of jeans I bought from F21 have lasted literally forever, so I guess the quality's gone up.

3. Black Skinny Jeans ($10.80)
It's frustrating when you have straight leg jeans, but they're too baggy to tuck into boots and such, so I picked up a pair of just normal black skinnies. And I feel that black skinnies always make an outfit more chic, even for a jeans and t-shirt outfit.

4. Black and Pink Polka Dot Dress ($12.80)
This dress is so cute and effortless with the cap sleeves and pink polka dots. And yes, I just realized that the majority of clothes I got are black. This one is a fit and flare (I think?) and it's super flattering, especially if you want to show off a flat stomach or something.

5. Black Lace Dress ($19.80)
This dress is the whole reason I started this purchase, but oh my, I love it. It's a three-quarter length sheer sleeve with a slip underneath the dress part, but it's so form-fitting and slims you instantly. I can't wait to wear this dress places and add statement necklaces or neon shoes for a pop of color with this. And did I mention? It's uber comfy.

6. Floral Dress ($19.80)
This dress is from Love21, which I guess isn't the same as Forever 21. It's a little big, even though I got a small, but it did say something about ordering a size down. I'm not super skinny so I decided a small would still be a safe bet. This dress has bright pink flowers and green leaves and I'm going to wear it in a few days for our school's Hawaiian day with some strappy sandals. It's just so fun and it's got cute button detailing going down the front, with a slight drop-waist trend happening. It also has a ruffled hemline which makes it look Brandy Melville-esque. Good for you Forever 21.

7. Floral Dress with Polka Dots (FREE what)
I got this dress for free since there was a BOGO deal happening in Forever 21's clearance. Except the dress I got was $19.80 so I'm not sure that it was even a great deal. Anyways, this dress combines two of my favorite patterns into one cute slip dress with a super complicated, Brandy Melville worthy back. It's going to look so cute with a belt and a cardigan and some booties for the fall and I'm so excited!

Okay that's the end of my haul. If you were wondering, I'm 5'7'' and I wear a 27 in pants and a small in dresses/tops. All of the dresses in this haul were Small and the pants were both 27. I paid for all of this with my money (which took a lot of thought for a high schooler making barely more than minimum wage). I'll probably make a fall lookbook with these clothes once it gets a little cooler outside/when this cute pair of flats I ordered come in. Gracias muchachas and have a great day.

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