Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Haul

Hi my lovelies! Okay, I really love fall clothes because fall is just a nice season with comfortable temperatures and nice color changes. I didn't really get sweaters, but I did get a few things to wear. So first I hit up Pacsun and then today I hit up Dick's Sporting Goods. Let's go!

So I went to Pacsun a few days ago and then I saw a sale that was buy one, get three free which was crazy. I believe it's still going on too! There were a lot of swimsuits, but many shirts and dresses were on the racks. I paid $23.50 for three dresses and a shirt! WHAT even. If I had paid full price, I would have had to pay $119.80 or $73.92 if they were just normal sale items. I'm just fairly impressed that I saved that much, but anyways I'll show you guys what I got now.

1. Nollie Basic Short Sleeve Scoop T-Shirt (FREE, so much gratification in typing that)

This shirt is a nice basic graphic for lazy days. I can throw it on top of black jeans, like in the picture and be set to go with a messy bun and glasses. Sidenote: wearing my glasses to school this year has created my new label of unofficial hipster of my senior class. But I really like the discreet floral print, as you will see with the dresses. Oh and I got this in a size Small, but one of the dresses I got was a Medium and it fits like a Small.

2. LA Hearts Polka Dot Dress

I'm not quite sure what style this dress is but I want to say a shift dress. Anyways, it's got nice opalescent buttons and then small polka dots all over and a racerback. However, the only problem I have noticed is that I can't easily put this on or take it off, mainly because you can only slide it on over your head, but I think my arms are awkwardly muscular and it is a great struggle attempting to stick my arms through it. Other than that, it's a very cute dress and I can see myself layering sweaters over it. It's also flowy and light so I can pair tights under it.

3. LA Hearts Floral Dress (one was $21.99, the other was free)

So it turns out that I got two of the same dresses just in a different pattern. Originally I had put a different daisy dress on hold the day before I made the purchase, but the changing workers had put it back on the sales rack and I guess someone else got it. Darn. Anyways, these dresses are cute and they have a built-in slip underneath, with a side zipper and a bow back. One is in black with small, discreet little white flowers all over it and the other is cream with bigger red flowers all over it. However, I bought one in a Medium and one in a Small and they both feel a size smaller than they claim. I can still fit both, but I have more of a struggle with the Small one because I think it's meant for people with little waists and hips and I have neither so.

I also went to Dick's Sporting Goods this weekend since I traveled to one of a bigger mall about an hour away for a college interview. Oh man, it might just be me, but I love the smell of walking into a sports store like Finishline or Dick's or just a Nike store. Anyways, I'll get to showing you guys what I got there.

1. Nike Dri-Fit Running Printed Modern Tempo ($23.99 instead of $34)

I actually saw this pair in black when I was in Greece over spring break this year, but the euro conversion made them way more expensive than if I bought them in the US so I decided to buy them when I got back. I totally forgot until I saw these in Dick's and I had to get them. These are in XS, but I don't think they fit uncomfortably which is good. They have the built-in spandex and they are really nice for running or just lounging around.

2. Nike Dri-Fit Training Fly Knit 3.5" Shorts ($21.97 instead of $30)

I am such a sucker for neon colored/patterned shorts and when I saw these, I knew I was going to end up walking out of the store with them. These are made of a really breathable material and I know I can get a lot of runs in with these.

3. Yaktrax Cabin Socks ($12 BOGO deal)

I saw these by the checkout line and it just took one feel to know that these socks were meant to be with me. They literally feel like my feet are in the comfiest sweaters I could ever imagine. And I got a pair for my brother and I think we both are getting each other more pairs for Christmas. I picked men's socks mainly because the patterns were cuter than the women's, but I highly recommend these to anyone who likes comfy socks.

Okay thanks for looking! See you next time with hopefully a fall lookbook patched together!

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