Friday, January 24, 2014


Hola chicas! Hopefully it's not tooo cold where you're at, but here it's been like 5 degrees every morning so our school has been having 2 hour delays basically all the days this week. 

• crewneck sweater- J. Crew 
• polka dot shirt- F21 
• black leggings- not shown F21

secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought. just wannna be yoursssss, S/O to my arctic monkeys fans

And my hair tutorial! 
So I've worn my hair like this everyday since I've discovered this method of MAGICAL AMAZING HAIR. It looks like you took the time to curl it with a wand but you actually didn't. 

• wash hair night before (or not, 2nd day hair works great too!) 
• surf spray + dry shampoo for 2nd day hair 
• at 70% dry, grab some bobby pins 
• divide hair into two parts and twist away from face. I don't twist too tightly because I don't like that corkscrew look but do whatever you want! 
• pin the hair over your head like a headband or Grecian hairdo 
• sleep tight! 
• wake up, unravel, SHAKE IT OUTTTTTTTT, and go! 

Adios, enjoy, and peace! 
P.S. One of my guy friends told me I have big calves yesterday, ouch. Daily dig hurts when you're the one getting dissed. 

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