Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hi friends! I hope you're all doing well, especially if you have AP tests like me these two weeks (or IB tests, which I believe are happening around this time as well). It also looks like I have a bit of a stress shopping problem, because I might have bought some things again this past weekend. Let's get into it!

1. Brandy Melville Jada Dress ($35 at Pacsun, select Pacsun stores carry Brandy Melville) 

I've been eyeing the burgundy/maroon Jada dress for a few months now and I've never been able to justify the $35 price tag that comes along with a thin little dress. However, when I was in my local Pacsun, there was a sign that said 25% off Brandy Melville items so in my frenzy, I went over and immediately got this dress, which was great. Except the dress wasn't part of the deal because it wasn't on the rack that the sign was on top of, so I ended up paying $35 because I can't read. Either way, it's still a cute dress and I think I'm actually going a date next weekend so I think I'm going to wear this dress with booties! 

2. Watch ($1) 

As some fellow AP students may know, a watch is so important for tests since proctors often forget to tell you how much time is left and at my school, the clocks are often not functioning. I went into Walmart one afternoon to quickly pick out a watch, until I found this Michael Kors-esque watch for only one dollar, which made my little minimum-wage heart very happy. It's been functioning and it looks much more expensive then what it actually was. 

3. Moto Jacket ($20) 

Moto jackets are considered so stylish for fall/early spring and I saw this jacket and it was perfect. I actually don't have any jackets, like in between cardigans and winter parkas so I could actually justify buying this. It doesn't actually have any leather on it, but it is mostly a gray fabric with black lining on it. It actually reminds me of the Anthropologie Anna floral moto jacket, just without the price tag. 

this is the anthropologie jacket for about $250 

4. Sweater ($3) 

I know May isn't the season to buy sweaters, but I've been thinking about what I'll need this fall/winter in Chicago so I saw this basic black cable knit sweater for $3 in my size and I just couldn't pass it up. It's just your typical black cable knit, that'll be cute with fleece-lined leggings and some cute riding boots and a scarf. 

5. Victoria's Secret PINK bras (2 for $42.50)

I know some people get weirded out by talking about bras, and if you're one of those people, you can just click on a different post or scroll down past this part. I also won't be showing the ones I bought, but I will be adding in some pictures from the website to show the ones I got. These aren't really too special, just normal bras. I was really excited to go into the dressing rooms though, because my local VS store just got redone so it's basically brand new and really nice.
I couldn't actually find a picture online, so this is the link to the website. I got mint and gray and then a nude one. 

I know, books don't really have anything to do with a fashion haul, but I love reading whenever I get the time. I actually needed to pick a modern book for my AP Lit class, since the test is now over, so I went to a bookstore to get A Game of Thrones, but then I also saw Life of Pi and Brave New World, so I walked out with three books yesterday afternoon. I'm super excited to start reading all of these novels! 

Okay, I think those are all of the things that I purchased within this last weekend. I hope you guys have a good week, especially if you're taking tests like myself. I personally have three tests this week (biology, U.S. Government, and Macroeconomics), and I am hardcore cramming today for all three. Good luck ladies!  

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