Saturday, April 11, 2015


Hello my lovelies! I hope you all had a great Easter/Spring Break/week in general and I am back with a haul. It's pretty big and I still have a few items I'm still waiting on. Anyways, let's jump into it!

1. Saucony Cohesion 7 (around $50)
Okay, so in case you didn't know, I am a self-proclaimed runner (@Anthearuns on Twitter) and lately, I've been suffering with patellar tendonitis, which is where the tendons by my knees are basically in pain constantly. I think it happened since I torn a ligament in my ankle a while ago and the injury changed my running pattern. My beaten up Saucony Cohesion 6 shoes have served me for a great number of miles, but I got the Cohesion 7 shoes and they are comfy, perfect for running, and reduce the pain in my knees tremendously.

2. Loreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Black (around $6)
I have used the Loreal Voluminous mascara for about a year and I've loved it! However, I decided it was time to try the upgraded version and I picked this one out. The wand is definitely unique and I find that the longer side is perfect for layering and declumping, while the short side is good for coating bottom lashes evenly. I have the waterproof version and it is, indeed, waterproof, but still smudges a bit throughout the day.

3. Blackhawks Baseball Cap ($18)
In case you didn't know, I'm a pretty big Blackhawks fan and I'm pretty into hockey. I'm also really into this sporty baseball cap trend for summer and I can just picture myself in a bikini and the cap, canoeing or tubing down a river several times this summer. I can wear this cap everywhere, from a casual lunch or a walk through Chicago this fall.

4. Forever 21 Infinity Scarves in Melange Grey and Black ($3 each)
These scarves are so comfy and good for layering. I saw the price and I couldn't pass them up, especially in these two colors that go well with the majority of my closet. They are also the perfect length for two loops, since often infinity scarves are awkward lengths if the store hasn't really designed them right.

5. Forever 21 Tartan Plaid Scarf ($8)
I've wanted a Zara plaid blanket scarf ever since last season when it came out,  but I wasn't fond of the $30 price tag that accompanied a piece of large fabric. However, I saw this scarf from the men's store and I decided that there isn't a wrong time to buy a scarf ever. I'm most likely going to school in Chicago this fall and I've already thought of several outfits, using this scarf to keep warm and fashionable.

6. Forever 21 Tribal Fit and Flare Dress ($14)
This dress is such a nice pattern with the tribal vibes happening and the color scheme works well on basically everyone. This dress comes with a skinny belt, so an instant outfit is already prete-a-port in your wardrobe! It also has thicker straps (appropriate for school!) so I know I can wear it to school, without worry.

7. Forever 21 Textured Fit and Flare Dress ($15)
Since I've been planning my graduation and senior recital plans for a while, I know that I need a graduation dress. It has to be classy yet edgy, and one last hurrah to end this whole high school experience. This is a perfect red color and the texture makes it more interesting than the average fit and flare dress. I'm excited to wear this in about a month and I know it'll be perfect for future events too.

8. Forever 21 Sunglasses
These are round and super cool. I know they'll be perfect for Lollapalooza and just hanging out this summer.

9. Forever 21 Black V Neck
This is just a plain black V neck tee for everyday occasions and can be dressed up or down for any outfit. It's really comfy and I think I'm going to pair it with some flowy shorts or a skirt or boyfriend jeans. (*speaking of boyfriend jeans, my friend just got a pair of Girlfriend jeans from H&M, which are more fitted and flattering boyfriend jeans and they are so stylish!)

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