Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hi my lovelies! I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the end of the school year/beginning of almost summer! I know it is basically full-force prom season in many high schools and I wanted to talk about this today since it's a big deal, especially for girls.

So at my school, both juniors and seniors have the opportunity to go to prom because the senior class always inevitably runs out of money, so we have to ask the junior class to step in. The senior class pays for prom itself (in a basketball stadium, of all places) and the junior class pays for after prom. So I've already gone last year as a junior. Here are some things I noticed/realized:

1. having a prom date- ladies, if you don't have a prom date, it is DEFINITELY not the end of the world. You can have a good time with your friends and laugh at awkward couples during slow songs. Prom is about having fun with your friends, not just one guy, so just keep that in mind when people start making a big fuss about having a date. Last year, I went date-less and it was so nice; I got to pick what I wanted to do and I met with several groups of friends, compared to having someone pick me up and do all of this stuff together. This year, I actually have a date and it's one of my good guy friends so I'm not trying to bash having a date either. Either way, you'll have fun!

2. don't spend so much on a prom dress- girl, it's not a wedding, it's a high school dance. There will be plenty of moments in your life when you'll need to dress to the nines and prom is not the place to spend $400+ on a dress. My friend bought a dress for $500 last year and she wore it once and now it sits in her closet, without a purpose (it's a big poofy one that she probably won't ever wear again). And sure, you can sell it the following year, but most people that I know who are trying to sell their prom dress don't get any offers. Also, don't worry if people get their dresses super early, because you'll have a lot of time. I've gotten my dresses for both years about two weeks before.

3. don't go super crazy on hair and makeup and nails- if your prom is anything like mine, it'll be dark and you won't be able to see anything. Your hair and makeup and nails won't matter to anyone and anyone who actually cares will be able to see them. It's fun to get them done and look really fancy, but just be realistic about what prom is: a bunch of teenagers dancing way too close.

4. don't expect a Disney level prom- unless your school goes super hardcore for prom, I would say that it would be good to lower your expectations for prom. It'll basically be a club, but with teachers present and a bunch of gross teenagers, some of which who are probably high/hammered out of their minds.

5. have fun- if that's even possible after reading all of my things I noticed at prom last year. At your school, if there's only a senior prom, it'll be one of the last times you'll see your friends before you go off to different colleges and different life paths, so just try to enjoy and have fun with your friends.

my prom look last year:

dress: Windsor (about $99)

shoes: high heels I got in Florida and glued a lot of gold glitter to.accessories: black clutch and an Alex and Ani bracelet. 
my prom look this year: dress: (about $170 and I paid $17 for 3 day shipping because my date needs to get his tux to match or something like that) 


shoes: probably the same shoes as last year and I probably won't have any accessories. I think I might get pockets altered into the dress so I have somewhere to put my hands, but we'll see since I have less than two weeks. Thanks for reading lovelies and good luck with your prom adventures!

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