Friday, July 18, 2014


Hello my fellow DIYers! This post starts with a TJMaxx story, as all stories should begin. As many of you may know, I frequent TJMaxx like its my job. I would actually love to have TJMaxx stalking as my job, but alas that's not how the modern world works. I was shuffling through the various racks of clothes when I saw this simple, yet fresh shirt. I love pineapples, but I also love them on clothing as well so I decided "Well, I have to get this shirt now." Except when I saw the price tag, which granted TJMaxx does have great prices, but it was $20 for a plain white shirt with some pineapples on it. I was not about to fork over 3 hours of minimum wage work for one plain shirt. So I played around and I DIYed it. Here we go!


  • one plain t-shirt
  • paint of your choice
  • one stamp pad (or I'll show you how to make one with a...FLIPFLOP!)
  • exacto knife/box cutter
1. So you've got a shirt. I took mine and laid it next to an old Pacsun shirt and used the same measurements to get a nice shirt. I basically just cut the neckline a little and then I cut the bottom so the front is slightly higher than the back. 

2. Sketch out a pineapple. I doodle a lot so I had a few handy. You can also just Google "pineapple stamp" for easy results. 

3. If you've got a stamp pad, ignore this. If you don't, grab a flip flop! A cheap one from Old Navy is perfect. Just cut the heel part off (enough for your stamp) and you've got a stamp pad!

4. Trace the pineapple into the stamp pad using the knife or box cutter (which is kinda dangerous, might I add. I was so close to cutting my finger off) and then cut it out. I used heavy duty scissors for this part, but you might be able to rip it. 

5. Pour some paint out into a dish or something, dip the sponge in and then stamp! 

6. I followed the shirt and I did a row of diagonal ones and then the next row would be straight. My shirt is drying right now so I'll post a picture of it. I didn't have enough paint to do the back, but you can if you wish. I might just get some more paint and do that. 

The paint I used was the Folk Art Metallic in 662 Silver Sterling, mixed with some standard white paint since I didn't have enough! And there you have it- a $20 shirt for $5. Hope you enjoy and do this yourself! 

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