Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Lookbook

Hola friends! Long time, no see, which I know is my fault. I promise I'll try to post more regularly from now on! I've been really caught up in college applications and training for this half-marathon, which is turning out to be crazy hard. You can follow my running adventure if you'd like on my running blog: and/or my twitter @Anthearun

So lately, I've gotten some new things and I'll show you guys some outfits!

A lot of people have seen this shirt and my friend surprised me with this shirt for my birthday along with a couple of other gifts. It's a Brandy Melville crop top, but she got it at Pacsun. It's super comfy and I can wear anywhere. I can make it look soft grunge with a flannel over it and some leggings. I can wear it with some shorts and sandals or when I'm just lounging around. Here I have some high waisted slightly destroyed shorts that I DIYed last summer and a plain black bandeau under it. I'll probably just wear it with the H&M booties that I have. It's what I would wear to the fair or a concert or music festival- so many options. I'm wearing it with some plain cubic zirconium studs, the necklace that I wear daily (part of it of it is from a necklace at MSI. Nerdy, I know but it actually represents something) and some bracelets that I got in Greece and a Mudlove one from this camp I went to this summer.

This next outfit is a shirt that I got from (don't judge) Stein Mart for like $2. It's got a really cool pattern and I know I can pair it with any bottoms. I'm wearing some jeans from Forever 21 that are basically super comfy and this braided white belt from TJMaxx (?, but thanks Mom for buying them). I'll wear it with some strappy sandals that have pearls and crystals on them and it's slightly gold. I got these sandals from The Shoe Department (I'm literally there all the time).

I got this shirt from Stein Mart too for $5. I guess I just like old lady stores, no shame. Actually when I saw this shirt, I ran to it, like an actual sprint, and all these old ladies turned around and stared at me. It was worth it for the shirt and the really cheap price that I got it for. A shirt like this at like Anthropologie would have cost way wayyyyyyyy more. I'm just wearing it with some leggings here but if I was wearing it to school, I would switch to jeans. I'm wearing Steve Madden oxfords with this outfit and let me tell, I love these shoes. They're like cutout/laser print design and they're classy at the same time. And I really like how the laces are ribbon and not the typical shoe laces. TJMaxx is my holy grail. Just saying. I'm wearing these cute key earrings from Earthbound that my friend also got for me.

I was so excited about this one dress that I just bought from (guess where?) TJMaxx because it's like flowy but also has cool cinching around the middle and has a neat little zipper on the side too. I didn't try it on until I got home and it's a romper. But it's still cute so I'll still wear it. I'm considering taking it to an alterations place to get pockets in it and changing it into a dress, but I don't feel like spending all that money for a fairly inexpensive romper. I'm wearing it with my other Steve Madden oxfords that have the neon pink toe and are getting fairly beaten up now. I'll be wearing either these black arrow earrings or gold pyramid stud earrings with it. And I have my Alex and Ani Gemini bracelet on too.

For super casual days (every day in other words) I'll be wearing something like this tie dye muscle shirt that I actually tie dyed myself. And just a word of advice, put the tie dyed clothes in the washer by itself first. Don't put other clothes in there because all the color will get on other clothes. I literally love those t-shirt in a bag deals in the guys' department at like Walmart because the shirts are so versatile and you can DIY them to your heart's content. I'll wear this shirt with some shorts and my galaxy Vans that I DIYed myself; there should be a blog post about how I did it. I just have those normal cubic zirconium earrings back in.

I actually really love this romper because not only is it collared but it has pockets and it's not impossible to get off when I have to go to the bathroom really bad. Another TJMaxx find that I'll pair with sandals or H&M boots, depending on the weather. I've got the plain cubic zirconium earrings in again.

I got this crop top and skirt at Pacsun as part of their buy 1 get 1 free sale. I love the way these two pieces go together. I'll wear them with sandals or boots again. I'm wearing these black and white chevron earrings with the outfit.

On days where I want to look a little nicer, I'll pull out this Urban Outfitters dress. I love this dress except for the fact that it's high-low. The mesh makes it look a little edgy but the sweetheart neckline keeps it girly. I'm pairing it with sandals or some wedges and a pair of mismatching earrings (one rose, one bow)

I hope this gives you guys a little look into my summer closet and I hope you guys have enjoyed the weather! I've had a lot of fun this summer and I still have a lot more fun things planned for the rest! Have some fun and have a great day!

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