Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine's Day Date Outfits Revamped

Hello my valentines (haha so punny), I hope you're doing well! I was sifting through my old posts the other day and I realized that one of my most popular posts was about Valentine's Day Date Outfits, but it was from two or three years ago. So this year I have decided to revamp it with my current style in mind, which is probably dramatically different from two or three years ago. Here we go!

1. 50 Shades of Red

This is a take on the classic LBD, but instead it's the LRD (little red dress), which is classy yet seductive for Valentine's Day. I've added a few choices with matching lip sticks, but feel free to add your own twist on it! This is a classic look which is sure to impress your date while ensuring you look great. The ASOS one on the left is definitely my favorite; it's lace and mesh and A-line and just overall heart eyes.

2. Ladies who wear the pants

This set of outfits is geared more towards the ladies who would prefer pants over a dress, but would still like to look composed and nice for a date night. The left look begins as a classy look with the burgundy button down, but the leather leggings add that rocker edge. The right look is for more casual dates with a cropped sweater and burgundy skater skirt. I've added gold accessories to both looks to make more of a statement against the darker colors, but feel free to go without them. For shoe options, I picked ankle boots for the leather look, black point flats for both looks, and a set of heels for the skirt outfit, just to elevate the casualness.

3. Anti-Valentine's Day

This set is for my ladies who are just chilling with some friends or just hanging out watching chick flick marathons with a large pizza and popcorn. I've picked some comfy Victoria's Secret tops, joggers, my favorite Nike shorts, and Nike sweats for these outfits. Ironically enough, all of the outfits are in black or grey, but I think it's because 99% of my clothes are those two colors. I've also added in a few shoe options for midnight store runs or if you need to go out and get something.

Okay, I hope these outfits will help all of you as you pick an outfit for Valentine's Day. As of right now, I'm pretty sure I will be picking some variation of the third outfit set and chilling with some friends and pigging out on food. I hope this helps and have a great week!

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