Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hello all! As you may know, I am a firm believer in Influenster, which is a website where you can tell others your opinions about things (like brands or stores, etc) and every once in a while, an Influenster may be selected for something great known as a Voxbox. What is this strange thing? Well, firstly it is a little box of goodies sent to the said Influenster to test out and then give their opinions via a platform like this blog. These boxes can also bring about great joy because it's similar to getting Christmas gifts, but gifts that you like because you've written about the things in the past (ex. I am a student so I've qualified for Campus Voxboxes before). Okay, so basically I was sent this product by Influenster and these are solely my opinions.

The latest Influenster Voxbox was partnered with Maybelline, which is a cosmetic brand that I think most women will recognize. This box had the new Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin foundation that is supposed to make your skin better through wearing it because of certain chemicals and such inside of the formula. That being said, I am also a hardcore chemistry person and the science-y part of me failed to see how this was going to happen, mainly because you put on foundation and then you (hopefully!) wash it off every night and then repeat. So the challenge was to wear the foundation for three weeks and then post about the results.

First, let me tell you the low-down about my skin. I would consider myself fairly acne-prone since my T-zone is fairly oily but the rest of my face is particularly dry, which is cute because who doesn't love combination skin? (this girl). So at the beginning of the three weeks, I think I was about to go on my period so the breakouts were kinda happening, which is normal since that happens every time and I was looking forward to testing the foundation out and seeing if it would help the breakouts go away or something, but alas I saw that nothing happened at the end of the first week. Let me also say that I am an avid runner and I wiped off a good 90% of my daily foundation on my shirt while running (which is something I've noticed greatly with this foundation as my other ones have not covered my shirts in tan when I sweat. BOO for having to use abundant amounts of Shout on my tee shirts of all things). Anyways, I didn't see anything noticeably different, but I still continued to use it.

Now, at the end of the three weeks, I can say that the foundation does apply rather nicely and it covers up pretty well (maybe additional concealer on blemishes), but it tends to make my face rather oily within a few hours compared to my other foundations, which all remain fairly matte. The other problem I see is the lack of ability to stay on my face. When I get a foundation, I expect it to stay on until the end of the day where I go in with makeup remover and take it off my face. However, with this foundation, it comes off when I sweat or come in contact with water, which makes me feel like it's not really the foundation for me. I hate to say it, but I also didn't really see any "better" skin, but then again I don't know what they really meant by better? Less pigmentation? Wrinkle remover? Acne treatment? Kinda hard to know what to look for when you don't really know. Maybe my face got better, but from the acne prone standpoint, I can say that it didn't aid in less breakouts or treating breakouts.

Thanks to Influenster for being kind and considering me for Voxboxes; I really appreciate it. I'm sad that this one didn't live up to my expectations, but then again everyone's face is different so hopefully it worked out better for other people! Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

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