Tuesday, February 10, 2015


okay, hello, lovelies! I know Valentine's Day is coming up and as self-proclaimed lazy girls, we all know we don't have the time or want to expend the effort to actually curl/straighten our hair. These are a few handy hairstyles for everyday activities or Valentine's Day dates or whatever. Here we go!

1. knot ponytail (less than 1 minute)

  • salt spray for beach hair (optional)
  • divide hair in half
  • tie hair into a knot 
  • clear elastic to tie it together
2. hair bow mini (2 minutes)
  • sea salt spray
  • take a small portion of hair from each side
  • tie into a bow 
  • secure with bobby pins
3. braided bun (2 minutes)
  • make a ponytail
  • braid down and tie with elastic
  • wrap around first elastic 
  • pin with bobby pins 
4. side french braid (1 min)
  • start at one side (i usually pick right) 
  • french braid like normal 
  • keep adding hair until you end up on opposite shoulder from where you started
5. au naturale (no time) 
  • just leave
  • smile
Okay, those are my quick hairstyles for this post of lazy girl guide! Hope you guys enjoy! 

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