Saturday, June 29, 2013

iPad 2: Pros & Cons

Hola my techies/ all audience/ couldn't think of a creative, collective way to address everyone. So I've been considering getting an iPad 2 lately, and I thought about getting a laptop but I just feel like an iPad is better suited for my use. So here are some pros & cons I've seen/heard.

So why not the iPad 4/ iPad with Retina?
Well to sum it up: what teenager can pay for that with a low level job? Not me. It would be nice if I could, buttttt yeah it's a little out of my price range. And that goes for the laptop too.

1. about half the cost of the newest iPad model
2. will be compatible with iOS 7
3. will basically have all features that all iPads have
4. front and back cameras
5. 10 hour battery (whatttt)
6. compatible with most Apple chargers (not iPhone 5 or iPad mini)

1. doesn't come with earphones. Really Apple? For the price we're paying, I want my earphones.
2. no Siri. I was looking forward to hearing her mechanical voice.
3. poor processor/ media quality
4. for a total charge, it takes over four hours!
5. no Retina

Okay so those are just some of the reasons that I came up with and I'll probably come up with a more detailed update if I decide to get it. Ciao!

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