Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hiiiiiiiii so I've tried to write this haul like three different times but I always get distracted and never finish. Okay let's go!

 okay this is just a neon running shirt 

Le top part of my cardigan 
Ze whole cardigan (tank from H&M) cardigans from TJMaxx
You belong to meeeeeeeee
Bam sweater for $2 yes success 
It was in the petite section-don't know/care what that means
$2 cardis at JCPenney for life
This sweater is so comfy and awesome 
THIS DRESS THOUGH CR for like $13.99 bc I found like dirt on it 
They sell Batiste at CR what
This makes yo face tingly it's awesome except don't get it in your eyes
This is one of the new 3 minute miracles and I picked strong 


Okay have a great day bye! 

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